A day for the planet

May 30 from 10am to 2pm

Come join @creativesfortheplanet in Santos Ibiza to support “A DAY FOR THE PLANET” in which he is calling all the people of Ibiza to go out and clean their environment as a symbol of mutual responsibility to take care of our planet!

See you on May 30 in Santos Ibiza at 10 am to start the collection at the beach d’en Bossa.

Put on your gloves, go outside, collect all the trash you can and enjoy some musical and artistic events after taking your trash to one of the collection points.

Everything that happens in A Day For The Planet, all the action, art and mutual care will be collected, filmed, photographed and combined in an online magazine: The Vision.

So send your photo to @creativesfortheplanet with your garbage collected and its estimated weight. “We want you and your action to appear in the magazine and on social media.”

Stay tuned to the map …

It will show the collection points, as well as the cleaning crews and all the other fun things that will happen.

Check out the Gofundme campaign from @creativesfortheplanet, they would greatly appreciate your support:


Together, For The Planet!


Heartbreak Hotel By Silvia Superstar

Heartbreak Hotel lands in Ibiza, hosted by Silvia Superstar!

August 13th to August 16th

3 days in the purest Tarantino style. Live music, friends, dj’s pool party and many surprises…


Madame Superstar launches a new party concept that will take over the reigns of Romeo’s Motel & Diner over three days. She’ll add her unique twist to proceedings, surrounded by friends, guests, VIP’s and artists, with a whole lotta activities that will keep everyone entertained. Things gonna get crazy like a Tarantino movie, with live music, DJs, pool parties, karaoke, bingo, food tastings and a sackload of surprises that we can’t reveal just yet… trust us, it’s gonna be a blast!

Our hostess with the mostess, famous for touring across the world with her band The Killer Barbies and sharing the stage with Iggy Pop, among others, is also well-known for her work on television and as an entrepreneur, shaking up Madrid’s nightlife over the years with her bars: El Fabuloso, Coconut and Lucky Dragon, and parties such as El Fabuloso Club and El Fabuloso Pool Party in Ibiza. Those familiar with Silvia know that she never disappoints. Come on down, fun guaranteed!

Heartbreak Hotel from the 13th to 16th August 2021. Don’t you dare miss it!


Art Decó

If Summer were an Architectural Style

By Laura Martínez
Photos: Phillip Pessar / Amaury Laporte / Lazy Llama / Carsten Tilbach / Sergio Santos

When thinking about the Art Deco concept, a whole potpurri of ideas come to mind: geometric curves, neon lights, a Lana de Rey song, pastel colours, Leonardo Di Caprio wearing a tuxedo in The Great Gatsby, winking while he raises his Martini, and of course, Miami. If you thought of these things then you’re on the right track; Art Deco is all this and more. It’s pure eclecticism.

This architectural movement, which could well be a modern version of neoclassicism, had its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s, between the two World Wars. Its greatest expression is in Miami’s Art Deco Historic District – which is also the first 20th century neighbourhood to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places and protected by the Miami Design Preservation League – comprising a whopping 800 buildings and structures built between 1923 and 1943.

The largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world stretches along Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue to Collins Street. A magnetism that is built on evocative hotel names (Marlin, Leslie, Colony, Raleigh…) with sleek, minimalist typography clad in neon and vibrant colours, inviting you to imagine endless nights, dancing the Charleston and smoking with a Widmann cigarette holder, wielded by stylish women with a pistol hidden in their stockings.

One of the most emblematic is the Park Central Hotel (640 Ocean Drive) by New York architect Henry Hohauser, who is also the architect behind many establishments in the so-called Magic City: Colony Hotel (736 Ocean Drive), The Cardozo (1300 Ocean Drive) and The Governor (21 Street).

But Art Deco was not born in South Beach (the Americans appropriated the idea and made it their own, like always), it is a monumentality borrowed from Ancient Egypt, the fractioned forms of Cubism, the geometrisation of Bauhaus, the electric lighting of Futurism, the colours of Fauvism – that provocative use of colour whose precursor was Henri Matisse – and voilà! These all coexist in harmony.

Art Deco is hedonistic, bourgeois, almost purely decorative. An ideal escape route for jazz and cocaine parties in the midst of the post-war period. The perfect counterpoint to the forced austerity after the First World War and the decadence after the Second. It is the artistic result of an era of great technological, political and social change, and that is why it is an almost incomprehensible mixture of elements that make this architectural style one of the most
recognisable and attractive in existence.

This hard-to-define amalgamation brought together the complete spectrum of the arts: decorative, graphic, architecture, jewellery, sculpture, industrial design, painting, cinema… in a maelstrom of shapes and colours that encompasses everything from gigantic skyscrapers to small objects, including such recognisable objects as the Academy Award (Oscars) statuette to the robot in Fritz Lang’s classic film, Metropolis (1927). It left his mark on everything that could be called aesthetic, influencing the culture of its time and proposing revolutionary new stylistic directions.

At Concept we like all that is out of the norm, and that is why Art Deco is the reference point that has inspired our hotels: Tropicana’s nods to MiMo (Miami Modern). Paradiso’s pastel pink colours and geometric shapes, Cubanito’s colourful façade. Art Deco encompasses art and detail like no other, and has once again been chosen, in its most classic and elegant version, for our new project: Grand Paradiso, a revolutionary breath of fresh air where summer never ends. 

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Fashion On Location

Fashion On Location

Photo: Carlos PantaMaria / Polarbox
Location: Paradiso Art Hotel

Photo: Werner Stoltz
Location: Cubanito

Photo: Eye Candy
Location: Tropicana

Photo: Brett Russell / Julia Clansey
Location: Dorado

Photo: Sita Abellan by Diana Kunst
Location: Romeo’s Motel & Diner

Photo: Miranda Makaroff by Chimpi / Gucci
Location: Romeo’s Motel & Diner

Photo: Carla Guetta by Delfine Brunner / Medina Swim Wear
Location: Romeo’s Motel & Diner

Photo: Xabi Goitisolo / Le Studio Ibiza
Location: Romeo’s Motel & Diner

Photo: Jude P
Location: Romeo’s Motel & Diner

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The Real Ones- Merel

The Art of Letting Yourself Go

By Laura Martínez
Photos: Maria Andreu

Piercing, deep blue eyes, grey hair tied up in a bun and a contagious laugh. These are the calling cards of a woman who emanates her own light and fell in love with the island when it was a refuge for artists and free spirits. She created her family here, the same that makes up World Family Ibiza: the international clothing and accessories brand she began in Las Dalias flea market in 1998.

Merel’s magnetism is that of someone who takes time to stop and learn throughout their lifetime, looking at her surroundings as if she has seen them for the first time. We talked with her about the journey her life has taken thus far and about the importance of family, love and knowing how to be happy.

You’re a native of Amsterdam who moved to New York to be a model, working on campaigns for major brands. Then something changed in your head.

“It wasn’t a sudden change. The only thing I’ve ever done in life is let myself go. I started modelling when I was two years old and I never stopped. The New York period was great for me as a woman in her twenties, eager and ready to take on the world. I married a film producer and had the life that I wanted at the time. But my first visits to Ibiza completely changed me. I don’t even think it was my decision, it was the island that decided for me.”

Alok, your husband, was a suit-wearing real estate agent in Barcelona before you met. Was it love at first sight?

“Totally! I was walking along the beach when suddenly I saw this handsome man all dressed in white, I couldn’t stop looking at him and I thought don’t be so ridiculous, you’ve just got divorced!” It was 25 years ago, no mobile phones, people were meditating on the beach, watching the sunset, singing… When I left Benirrás beach to go to my blue Citroën 2CV I saw the exact same car parked next to it. Would you believe me if I said it was his? It was so crazy that we just stared at each other in amazement. After that, we kept bumping into each other around the island before finally getting together. It was difficult after a 9-year marriage with two children, but once again I let myself go and things worked out great!”

I remember on my first trip to Ibiza, I was shopping with a friend in Las Dalias and I headed straight to your stall, attracted by the explosion of colour, and bought a bag for my mother. Fashion and design are some of the Concept Hotel Group’s pillars. What was it like to make your way in such a competitive world? Especially from your base in Ibiza…
“I don’t really know how it happened. I’ve always liked creating things with my hands. I made my first bag with stuff I brought back from my travels, at the time we had a stall in Las Dalias where we used to sell items that we brought back from Morocco. A lady bought the bag I had made and this gave me a huge buzz. That motivated me to make more and the rest is World Family Ibiza.”

If Ibiza didn’t exist, it would have to be invented, but imagine if it was wiped off the map. Which destination would you choose?

“My favourite country is Mexico. I’m very inspired by its traditions and personality… it’s incredible. But there is still a lot of violence and insecurity. I like to spend some time there but I always come back to the island… It’s my home, and if it didn’t exist I wouldn’t exist either.”

You’ve spent half your life travelling: Guatemala, Nepal, Thailand… You were in Koh Phayam at the time of the 2004 tsunami that devastated everything. What goes through your mind when you survive something like that?
“Ufff… I was pregnant, with my children, Alok and my mother when disaster struck. We were very lucky, we were picked up by a naval ship and they took us to a shelter with other families and survivors they found. It was very hard to see so much pain and we cried for weeks. We had nightmares for a long time, survivor guilt… but in the end, you have to give thanks and carry on.”

As well as selling what you bought on your travels and making your own bags and accessories, you created a famous party known for its good vibes. Where did the idea for Namasté come from?
“We wanted to bring our house to the people. What we do at Namasté with Juanito, the owner of Las Dalias – our friend and ally – is what we used to do at our home gatherings with friends. Music, chill-out, good vibes and beautiful people. We started to decorate the party with things we had at home and as with the brand, it grew organically.”

How would you describe your other love, La Isla?

“Wow, for me it’s an endless source of learning, beauty and inspiration. It is the source of life, but don’t say that out loud….”

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