Horoscope by Paradiso


 Wich Urban Artist are you, according to your star?


BASQUIAT 21st March – 19th April

-You’re prone to making sudden moves and getting disappointed in return. However, when you get it right, you hit the bullseye.
-You like being the boss and often feel as misunderstood as Basquiat did when he hooked up with Madonna.
-Living “La Vida Loca” is your thing.


GREMS 23rd September – 22nd October

-You can easily get carried away, and deeply hate to make any kind of decision, no matter how simple. Doughnut or croissant? Why do I have to choose???
-Balance is vital, as it is for Grems and the harmony he finds between painting and music.


KASHINK 20 April – 21 May
-You’re the most stubborn people the world has ever known. Demanding is the name of your game, a bit like Kashink fighting for gender equality through his work.
– You’re radical when it comes to love, it’s all or nothing.
-You’re one of the most loyal signs, and sophistication is your hallmark.


BANKSY 23rd October – 21st November

-Banksy-level intensity.
-You’re introverted and existentialist, and you always question everything.
-In love you’re a bit scary, but that makes you one of the most entertaining signs!


PEZ 21st May – 20th June
-Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
-You feel at home in social get togethers and love complicated relationships.
-You look for stability, but you’re also very casual and constantly change direction like Catalan artist PEZ. Should I exhibit in Asia or the United States… mind-blowing decisions!


OKUDA 22nd November – 21st December

-You have almost too much self confidence.
-You’re completely trustworthy, but if someone forgets about you’re not shy about letting them know about it.
-You’re social creatures, and so much creativity runs through your veins that you are able of turning a church or a skatepark into a contemporary Sistine Chapel.


KEITH HARING 21st June – 22nd July
-You’re the zodiac’s most sensitive souls.
-You like to live in the past, like Haring and his way of communicating through art with symbols and drawings, caveman style, but way cooler.
-Always on guard, never off-guard. “Defence” is your favourite word.


RONE 22nd December – 19th January

-You love to achieve your goals but being so dedicated can also be a negative.
-You have a weakness for beauty, just like Rone you’d fill a dilapidated building in Melbourne haunting and stylised images of women’s faces.
-You value a sense of humour more than a house on the beach.


OLEK 23rd July – 22nd August

-You’re the zodiac’s most passionate and fiery characters
-You’re natural born leaders who love to be the centre of attention, just like Olek with his colourful installations.
-You don’t take criticism from anyone, and you’re an expert at playing dumb.


MR. PIRO 20th January – 18th February

-You may seem like you don’t, but you do.
-You’re a bit fickle, and you change your stripes according to the occasion.
-You’re a mixture of agitation and calm, like Mr. Piro’s bold watercolours.


SWOON 23rd August – 22nd September

-You like to live life without fanfare or showing off, happiness for you is sitting on a park bench while eating a bag of crisps.
-You look for beauty in everything, and you’re a hard worker who always gives your all, just like urban artist Swoon, who is equally at home between art and activism.


KAWS February 19th – March 20th

-For you nostalgia as a way of life, a bit like KAWS and his dark side interpretation of Mickey Mouse.
-You have a thing for animals, you’d even adopt a litter of hyenas.
-You are slightly masochist, and your catchphrase is: “I just like drama.”

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Love & Laughing in Las Vegas

Love & Laughing in Las Vegas

If the perfect tandem exists, it’s the one between love and Sin City. Only LOVERS & SINNERS can enter our Mediterranean Las Vegas wedding chapel: we’re talking about Romeo’s Motel & Diner. Celebrities from all walks of life have said “I do” at this love temple that has always caused a huge hype, and has arrived in Ibiza to host your next level wedding.
Take note!

The king of Rock was the precursor of Las Vegas becoming the most sought-after destination for express weddings in the world. The same as he did with toupees, sideburns and flared trousers, he made this practice extremely fashionable when he married Priscilla in Sin City, at the Aladdin Hotel suite, surrounded by roses and candles. Only 14 people were present at this union, that marked a before and after in wedding traditions (and hairstyles of course!). Priscilla’s wedding dress will always be remembered as one of the most iconic in history, a dignified symbol of 60s glamour.

The king of Rock was the precursor of Las Vegas becoming the most sought-after destination for express weddings in the world. The same as he did with toupees, sideburns and flared trousers, he made this practice extremely fashionable when he married Priscilla in Sin City, at the Aladdin Hotel suite, surrounded by roses and candles. Only 14 people were present at this union, that marked a before and after in wedding traditions (and hairstyles of course!). Priscilla’s wedding dress will always be remembered as one of the most iconic in history, a dignified symbol of 60s glamour.

The lady of the north and the Jonas brother weren’t able to resist celebrating their first wedding (yes there were 2) in Las Vegas, in the one and only A Little White Chapel in pure “Viva Las Vegas” (1969) style. The love birds said “I do” under the gaze of half the globe thanks to Diplo, who was present at the ceremony and was filming Instagram stories. Thanks to him, we were able to witness Sansa stark wearing a suit jacket and trousers. The second wedding was held in Provence, but we would choose the first wedding a thousand times over!

Britney’s famous 48h wedding was held (obviously) in Las Vegas after a crazy night out with her childhood friend. You can’t be any more wild.

One of the hottest couples in the 90s, G.I Jane and our favorite big screen badboy, said “I do” at the Golden Nugget Hotel and remained together for more than a decade.

Book pack
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Shooting at Concept Hotel Group

Shooting at Concept Hotel Group

A shared passion

If there’s anything that Concept considers important as a brand, are the synergies with other brands that feel aligned with our values, that share our passions and lifestyle, but above all, we value the timelessness of a brand with a similar DNA to ours.

The most famous Brand of speakers, created by the Marshall family in 1965, are present in all our hotel rooms, along with fridges shaped like amplifiers that cool your beers in Dorado, our most rock’ n’ roll hotel. Marshall’s history was written between the lines of Fleetwood Mac and Rolling Stones songs, ambassadors of a sound and an
aesthetic that remain, 60 years later, an absolute icon. Another icon, as far as guitars go, is Gibson. The US Brand has toured the world and brought us Kiss and Eric Clapton concerts, is one of our most emblematic collaborators, and who’s guitar’s deck the halls of our backstage hall of Dorado.
Available to all who know what they’re doing.

Design is a huge passion of ours and can be appreciated in every detail that makes up our hotels.

The coolest retro fridges by SMEG, with a 50’s made in Italy feel, give a pop of color to the rooms and refrigerate your favorite vices.

Fashion is another of our main pillars and if we think of a garment that goes with anything, that would be a good pair of jeans. But who makes the most recognizable jeans in the world? There’s only one answer to that question: Levi’s. A true American Classic when it comes to denim, they’re the providers of our staff uniforms, with a new sustainable collection, that is environmentally friendly. If you accessorize a good pair of jeans with a custom-made hat, you have the full American southern look. Our Friends over at Why Hats take care of that, their tailoring workshop can be found at Paradiso Art Hotel. Their designs are unique and not one hat is ever the same. You won’t be able to resist having one specially made for you.  Our newest collaboration happening in 2022 is our most “girly” fashion brand collab yet, with none other than Bohoo, one of the most successful brands in the UK will become the perfect ally to Paradiso Art Hotel this summer, with lots of fresh surprises. Expect actions at our Zero Suite, takeovers, and the launch of a bikini and swim collection curated specially for each of Concept’s unique hotels. These are some of the “musts” that this Girl Power brand will bring this season.

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Como crear un hotel conceptual desde cero

Como crear un hotel conceptual desde cero

Diego Calvo, Andrea Spada y Michele Corbani explican el proceso de creación de los hoteles conceptuales

Ver video

Cada uno de los hoteles de Concept Hotel Group posee una personalidad única, diseñados con pasión hasta el último detalle, para crear una experiencia especial que cautive a todos aquellos que pongan pie en ellos. El responsable de este mundo creativo es Diego Calvo, CEO y co-fundador del grupo, a quien podemos escuchar en esta conferencia junto a Andrea Spada y Michele Corbani de Ilmiodesign, cómplices en la creación de estos proyectos con su experiencia como uno de los estudios más punteros y diferenciadores del mercado. Pudimos disfrutar de esta conferencia en el marco de interihotel BCN21

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Love Quiz

Love Quiz

What type of partner are you?

You probably think you’re the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, but have you taken our Love Quiz?
See if you were born to be in a relationship, or whether you’re better off sharing your life with a tortoise.

1. It’s Monday morning, your partner hasn’t slept well and wakes up in a bad mood. How do you react?

a) I get annoyed when I see them looking cheesed off, and now we are both in a bad mood.
b) I get as far away as possible from their shooting daggers.
c) I try to get a smile out of them by telling a joke.

2. It’s your second date, and it’s your turn to choose where to go. Which of these options do you choose?

a) I take them to an escape room so that they can see how “off the wall” and original I am.
b) We head to a Japanese restaurant, however, if they aren’t into ramen, then they’re not the love of my life.
c) I cook something delicious at home and… see what happens.

3. You’re at the cinema, and they start chatting over the film as if you were in your living room. What do you do?

a) I put my finger on my lip and whisper, Shhh!
b) I leave immediately. Absolutely intolerable.
c) I kiss them on the lips, sorted!

4. It’s your birthday, and they give you a book. You don’t even read the leaflet that contains the side effects of your medication! How do you handle it?

a) I hide my feelings as best as I can and thank them effusively.
b) I tell the truth, as it’s obvious this person doesn’t know me at all.
c) I admit that I am no Stieg Larsson, but I’ll make an effort to read it, as it is a gift.

5. You go on a trip to a buzzing city with your boy/girlfriend. They want to get up early and go sightseeing, and they’ve got an endless list of things to do, it’s way too intense, and you can’t be assed doing it all. What’s your reaction?

a) I get overwhelmed, and we end up arguing.
b) I say that I’m not up for it, and we make separate plans.
c) I suggest that we cut down on the organisation and just go with the flow, always more fun in the end.

6. You’ve been going out for a month. You’re not sure if you’re getting serious, but they ask you to accompany them to dinner with the whole family for their parent’s wedding anniversary. What would you do?

a) I tell them I don’t feel ready.
b) I feel obliged to go, but I feel uncomfortable and out of place.
c) I go to the dinner, sometimes the sooner you get these things out of the way, the better.

7. You’re at a party with your partner: they get really drunk and start singing “Sweet Caroline” and other assorted pop classics, talk incessantly to anyone who listens and start slurring. How do you take it?

a) I tell them off as if they were a small child.
b) I put on my sunglasses and pretend not to know what’s going on.
c) I love it when they have a good time, singing, dancing and laughing!

8. Your partner has had a hard week at work, and you want to surprise them. What do you do?

a) I give them a little present to cheer them up.
b) I make dinner, for a change.
c) I take them to a spa in a rural village to relax together.

9. You’ve been idealising relationships for years, when you’re in one you try to make it as movielike as possible. But life isn’t always as it is in a Julia Roberts romantic comedy. Which part of reality is hardest to take?

a) The little challenges of living together.
b) Their taste in music.
c) Their snoring.

10. As soon as you meet that special someone...

a) I don’t stop talking about them.
b) I act cool and ignore them, even though I’m dying to be with them.
c) I always keep an eye out for their WhatsApp messages on my phone, I love hooking up with them when I’m free.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY “A”: TO THE RHYTHM OF THE BEAT… You know how to move. Almost perfect.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY “B”: ROCK & ROLL, BLASÉ BABY! You go your own way and don’t want any trouble. Live and let live and all that, but you know what? You could be a bit more empathetic. JUST SAYING.

LOVER & SINNER, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME. That’s right, and there’s nothing more to add, your honour.

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Did you know

Did you know?

George Michael & Ibiza

George Michael’s rise to stardom will always be linked with Ibiza. The pop divo had barely left his teenage years behind when he formed Wham! together with Andrew Ridgeley. Club Tropicana was one of their first big hits and the video for the song was recorded in Ibiza.
A large part of the scenes were shot in Pikes Hotel, linking it forever with musical celebrities, and leaving pop’s most iconic images: George Michael floating about on a lilo in his Speedoes and shakes in the hotel’s pool.

Did you know that we have a George Michael room in Santos Ibiza? Book Now

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