The Movie Hotel

Grand Paradiso arrives in summer 2022, heralding the start of an exciting adventure into the audiovisual world, with the hotel hosting its Cinerama film and documentary season, plus a constantly updated audiovisual gallery and many more surprises in our most filmic hotel. Keep on reading.

Cinema, video clips, fashion video art, short films, photography, advertising. They all combine in the trendiest area of contemporary art: Audiovisual. Grand Paradiso carries the elegance of classic Art Deco, and the hotel’s cinematographic aura goes hand in hand with the content it offers. We want to continue to break the mould with distinguishing products that are strongly committed to culture.

Our film and documentary season, Cinerama, kicks off with ‘Ellas’ (Marta Aledo, 2021), a well-received documentary that garnered great reviews. Ibicenca actress Ana Vide plays the lead role in this documentary about pregnant women in the film industry. We continue with ‘El Club del Paro’ (David Marqués, 2021), a comedy starring Carlos Areces, Adriá Collado, Fernando Tejero and Javier Botet, as four friends who get together in a bar to talk about their misfortunes. This is followed by ‘The Mystery Of The Pink Flamingo’ (Hermanos Polo, 2020), which uncovers the enigma behind this popular and omnipresent pink bird.

If you’ve seen the C.Tangana’s latest music videos for his album ‘El Madrileño,’ then you already know the work of production company Little Spain. Antón Álvarez (C. Tangana himself), Cris Trenas (the first woman nominated for a Goya for best director of photography), Santos Bacana and María Rubio make up this creative collective that began as a get together between several friends, and ended up being the production company on everyone’s lips, operating between Spain and L.A. and sealing their formation between champagne and strippers.

When I ask Santos Bacana what Little Spain and Grand Paradiso have in common, he answers: “We share a taste for details and viewing the world through a cinematographic lens. We like to live in film, and at Grand Paradiso there’s no escaping it; every space in the hotel is an incredible location.” Although they are reluctant to exhibit their work, Santos recognises that when seduced by something, it does so to the core. When Diego Calvo presented them with the project, they had to say yes: 

“When we ran into Diego in Madrid, it seemed that he could perfectly well be a character in one of our films, and although we have always been reluctant to exhibit what we do, this crazy hotel is the ideal place to do it.” The Little Spain collective will exhibit their work in our Audiovisual Art Gallery, and have a suite named in their honour at Grand Paradiso.

Another winning alliance involved in the project’s art curation is the one we have developed with Javier and Guillermo Polo, Los Hermanos Polo. These brothers from Valencia have been friends and collaborators of Concept since they shot several scenes of their debut film, ‘The Mystery Of The Pink Flamingo’ between our Paradiso, Tropicana and Cubanito hotels. Lovers of the MiMO (Miami Modern) aesthetic and everything related to American culture, our creative imaginations couldn’t be more closely linked. Los Polo have brought us closer to other artists such as: Italian director Floria Sigismondi, who made music videos for The Cure, David Bowie and Katy Perry; Paola Morabito, the award-winning Australian filmmaker; Matteo Garrone, winner of the Grand Prix at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival for his film ‘Gomorrah,’ Chilean filmmaker Mattias Bize, winner of the Goya for Best Spanish Language Film in 2011 for ‘The Life of the Fish,’ and British-Algerian Nadira Amrani, photographer and film director who works with some of the world’s leading brands: Nike, Hugo Boss and i-D.

The Polo’s will also have a room named in their honour in our ‘Movie Hotel’, along with: actor and director Eduardo Casanova, director and filmmaker Diana Kunst (who regularly works with Rosalía, FKA Twigs, James Harden, ASAP Rocky, James Harden), Los Javis (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi) friends of Concept, frequent guests and the superstar directors behind the comedy film’La Llamada’ (2017), the hilarious series ‘Paquita Salas’ (2016) and to top it off, the internationally acclaimed ‘La Veneno’ (2020). And so on, up to 41. Start thinking about the film you wanna star in…

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Grain Clothing x Concept

Grain Clothinng x Concept

That moment in which you can almost smell the salt water from your office desk, you’re reminded of two things: That you still haven’t set foot in the coolest hotels on the white island – The hotels of Concept Hotel Group – and that it’s time to spoil yourself with a summer purchase and update your old bikinis or your stretched and faded swimsuits. The solution to both these problems is here.

The sacred summer ritual of purchasing a new bikini or swimsuit can be quite terrifying. You see one but the color doesn’t match your skin tone, the other one is too loud, the bottom doesn’t make your butt look how it should, the strap is too tight, that one isn’t practical to swim in, the other one isn’t for the beach. Let’s be honest, no one finds their perfect bikini before trying on half the store.

So today might just be the best day of your life, because we’re here to tell you that yes, in fact there is a bikini brand which will make you fall in love at first sight and entice you to buy every single style to show off at all the hotels at Concept Hotel Group.

If you still don’t know the brand Grain Clothing and their swimwear, it’s about time you check out their Instagram: vivid colors, original cuts and a perfect kitsch aesthetic that fits perfectly with the hotels at Concept.

This year we’re teaming up with this Barcelona based brand – that boasts of A-list collaborations with Albert Madaula or Martina Matencio- and the founder, Anna Roxana, brand designer and pottery artist, together with her team, has created each bikini and swimsuit style, to match the concept, vibe and colors of each hotel at Concept.

Cubanito, Romeo’s, Dorado, Santos, Tropicana, Paradiso and Grand Paradiso finally have their own personalized swim piece, and are here for you to grab them all, or at least the one that best matches your personality.

How do you go about owning the hottest item this summer? You can check them out on their website and at the hotels of Concept Hotel Group.


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Fefe Talavera – Pasión



Inauguration on Saturday, July 23 at 7 p.m.

Exhibition from July 23 to September 4, 2022.

Fefe Talavera’s artworks are a metaphors of human emotions, that emerge subconsciously like passion, rage, dreams or desires. Inspired by the dualistic light and darkness that surrounds us, her colorful creatures connect us to our true selves and allude to the cultural roots of the artist, to the pure and powerful energy that her work carries, that can be viewed on street murals around the globe.

Born in 1979, Fefe was raised part Mexican and part Brasilian in São Paolo. Her interest lies in the “underground” movement, the artistic freedom that’s intrinsic of the Street Art and Graffiti world, created by international artists, had a strong effect on her.
Her raw creative energy develops through the sharp and tribal shapes she paints on the streets, more than when she’s painting within the walls of her art studios. Her study of these art forms got her a degree from the FAAP Arts school in São Paolo.

Fefe Talavera, influenced by Mayan and Aztec mythologies from her Mexican heritage, is famous for her creatures made out of cut up letters rescued from concert posters. After having exhibited and participated in art projects around the world (New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Berlin, Viena, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam…) she continues to use painting and visual arts as a means of expressing a very personal, intimate and poetic message.

Adda Gallery supported by Campo Viejo, brings “Pasión” to Ibiza, with colorful prints, wild animals and mystical characters. This visual exhibition takes center stage with the installation of two huge panthers who represent passion and the magnetic union of polar opposites.

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Under my umbrella

Under my umbrella

Interview with Albert from Lobster’s Day

By Luisa Ricart

If there’s one thing that’s really cool about Concept Hotel Group, and their Googie style, it’s their collection of retro parasols. Just open up Instagram to see for yourself.

Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group said: “We design and produce most of our interior design, so it would have been a shame not to include parasols in our hotels, even though they seem to be a forgotten element. Plus, it’s cool that our guests can take back a souvenir to put on their terrace, reminding them of Ibiza.”

We spoke to Albert, the founder of Lobster’s Day, about his company that has specialised in outdoor furniture for more than a decade, as well as finding out how the idea came about. The adventure began through acting as a middleman with the architecture studio Ilmiodesign and… voilá!

Albert said: “When I met Diego for the first time I told him that I design my furniture to be in places like this (referring to Concept Hotels) and that we should get to know each other because we are aesthetically similar.”

Their first project together was for parasols in Romeo’s Hotel and it didn’t take them long to come up with an inspirational moodboard: mixed in with images from the 50s, 60s and 70s were Slim Aarons photographs (google his name if you’re not familiar with his work, mind-blowing stuff), the Italian Dolce Vita and Palm Springs, Sophia Loren’s house, and the legendary portrait of Marilyn Monroe opening a red umbrella and in a 50s swimsuit.

After creating a briefing for the hotels (each one has a different personality), they then defined the designs for six of Concept’s hotels before bringing them to reality.

Each hotel has a name for their parasols: Romeo’s are red and white and named White Stripes, in a nod to the kickass rock band that reached the end of the road in 2011.

 Tropicana’s are salmon coloured with dancing fringes and are called Dolly Parton. Paradiso’s are called Paradisol and have a pastel pink and jagged edge finish, while Cubanito’s are orange and called Quitasol (umbrella, in Cuban Spanish). Grand Paradiso’s (which will have its grand inauguration in summer 2022) are baptised Mrs Anderson (after the film’s director Wes), and Dorado’s are nicknamed Maremoto, as they are situated by the sea and have a white with a turquoise wave finish.

When asked if they are expensive to make on request, Albert said: “Things that are made to measure and to one’s taste always have a price. It’s like going to the tailor to have a bespoke suit made instead of buying ready-to-wear, so choosing the first option will always fit better. However, we also have a catalogue.”

Lobster’s Day is going from strength to strength and demand is going through the roof. “We began with outdoor furniture and it was only a matter of time before we moved on to parasols, we saw a niche in the market because nobody was really doing anything with them. It’s been three years since we launched our first parasol and sales a growing year on year!

Since they started, they have focused on contract, hotels and restaurants. “One of the things I like most about my job is working with creative people,” admits Albert laughing with his feet dipped in Dorado’s pool.

“What I love about Diego is his spontaneity, and working with him is dynamic and fun. A match like this doesn’t happen that often,” finishes Albert while thinking of a character from the 1965 comedy El Parasol (Weekend, Italian Style).

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Discover which type of holidaymaker you are according to your star sign!

ARIES: “Where’s the best place to go out?”

You need the beat to move your body, and you’re the party starter who drags your friends from one bar to another at the drop of a hat. You’ve got a road map with all the island’s unmissable parties, and you never miss a Rock Nights.

TAURUS: “Let’s get organised.”

You have everything under control, even on holiday. You drive your friends crazy with an endless list of things to do. You’re easily recognisable on the beach because you are surrounded by gadgets: shovels, cooler, umbrella…

GEMINI: “Swimwear off, we’re in Ibiza.”

Uninhibited is synonymous with summer for Geminis. Aguas Blancas is your home and nudism your religion. You’ve got plenty of energy to give and take, and your charm and lack of clothing instantly puts you on the guest list of any club.

CANCER: “I used to come here a lot with my ex.”

There is nothing more Cancer than constantly talking about your ex, especially if you’ve just broken up. You can be a bit of a party-pooper and you’ll find it hard not to cry at sunset at Cap des Falcó. Patience my friend, summer cures everything.

LEO: “Have you seen my sunglasses?”

You don’t go anywhere without your favourite accessory. You need to feel more important more than anyone else, and sunglasses are the perfect way to stand out without appearing that you desperately need attention.

VIRGO: “One Espresso Martini, please.”

You NEVER lose your cool. You’re able to be as drunk as a skunk without anyone noticing, hold your own while talking about politics at 4 a.m. in Pikes, and still look as fresh as a daisy while suffering the worst hangover of your life.

LIBRA: “This summer, I’m going to pull more than ever.”

Natural born seducers. Libras need to score, or the summer doesn’t exist for you. You usually drop by Dorado Live Shows with a badass outfit, cheeky winks à gogo and with Samantha Jones is your spirit animal.

SCORPIO: “Leave me alone, I’m hungover.”

Beware of pissing them off on their day off (or any other day of the year). They need space to relax, and their natural habitat is at Lay Back Disco in Paradiso, sipping a G&T. They are capable of swimming across to Formentera if you disappear without excuse.

SAGITTARIUS: “I’m getting up early tomorrow to go scuba diving.”

You’re the friend in the group that barely anyone notices because 70% of the time you go off on adventures alone. The Portinatx lighthouse is your secret spot, and you only signed up for the trip because it offered so many opportunities for solo missions!

CAPRICORN: “Are you good with margaritas? Give me 4!”

All or nothing. Capricorns go all in or go home, and that’s the way they like it. You’re a sucker for a mean margarita with salt on the rim. You like to be seen at Romeo’s pool, 24/7, sporting an unbeatable tan. Bon vivant? Moi?

AQUARIUS: “I’m going to let myself go and see where the summer takes me.”

You look forward to going on holiday, and you always meet random people who become your best friends (at least for a while). You start the day with a swim at Salinas and end it shaking your hips at Salsero in Cubanito.

PISCES: “Let’s go to the beach bar where the blond guy we met yesterday works.”

You’re very much into falling in love with someone different every day and using your free time on following them around. You’re more naive than you seem, and you’re unlucky in love, but better at gambling. You’ll find them shouting BINGO!!! at Romeo’s.

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