By Laura Martínez

Tom Cruise’s incredible flair bartending skills in the film “Cocktail” provide the inspiration for this article, dedicated to one of the summer’s greatest pleasures (cocktails are great whatever time of year, in my opinion). The combination of spirits with other ingredients rose to fame in the U.S.A during the Roaring 20s, where bars quickly discovered that adding fruit juice and sweetened drinks helped to disguise the taste of poor quality bootleg alcohol.

They have since been perfected into a cult drink, with their own myths that have given rise to memorable on-screen moments such as James Bond ordering a Martini “shaken, not stirred,” Donald Draper sedating himself on Mad Men with the Old Fashioned cocktail, and the Cosmopolitan that Carrie Bradshaw held in her hand while she developed theories about men in Sex and the City.

Concept has six different personalities, one for each hotel, so accordingly, we have six cocktails for you to enjoy the spirit of each one.

If you want to take a tour of our hotels, then take the passport with you and you’ll receive a stamp for each visit, enabling you to enjoy a 2 for 1 cocktail. Visit all six hotels and you will receive a free night’s stay. Fancy a drink?

Mezcal, lime, cucumber, Curaçao, elderflower and ginger beer
At Santos Hotel our rooms are dedicated to an artist who had a relationship with the island… but none of them was exactly a saint.

Whisky, amaretto and Cointreau
Our hotel that is dedicated gold records has its cocktail named after the fictitious “golden boy” of the record industry, Richie Finestra, from the TV series “Vinyl,” produced by Scorsese and Jagger. It is one of our simplest yet strongest cocktails.

Vodka, Passoa, passion fruit, pineapple and lime
Brian Flanagan is an aspiring bartender who ends up being a true master mixologist. One of the 80s best films, Cocktail, provides the inspiration for our most colourful hotel, Tropicana. Bottle flipping, 80s style dialled to the max and Tom Cruise. Imagine all that summed up in one cocktail.

White rum, Curaçao, vermouth and passion fruit
The essence of Cuba is in this cocktail named after a song called La Flaca (The Skinny Woman) by Spanish artist, Jarabe de Palo. He sings about how the woman in question has captivated his attention. Take a sip and let your imagination run wild.

Rose gin, pasteurised egg, lemon juice and grenadine
Jean Michel Basquiat is one of our favourite artists, so for our Art Hotel we have designed this partystarter in his honour. We suspect that it would have blown Warhol’s wig off.

Vodka, cava, lime juice, red berries, mint and grenadine
A large chunk of the story between Humbert and Lolita
in Nabakov’s classic novel takes place in road motels where they hid their idyll. A bittersweet story that we have reinvented exclusively for your palate.

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