By Laura Martínez

The long-awaited end of October is here, and with it comes Halloween, one of the most divisive celebrations of the year: you either love it or loathe it! We most definitely love it, so we’re gonna give you some ideas if dressing up, trick-or-treating or going to a Halloween-themed party is DEFINITELY NOT YOUR THING. It’s all about staying at home with your favourite selection of high-calorie snacks while watching the best Halloween films (cowering behind the sofa optional). Take note.


The original film, from 1978, set off the endless Halloween saga. Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this cult film directed by John Carpenter, in which the legend of Michael Myers, and his mask, was forged.


This postmodern version, with Josh Hartnett and Michelle Williams in starring roles, sees the return of both the Man in the Mask, and Jamie Lee Curtis, exactly 20 years later, to a horror story that she was convinced to appear in when she eyed the succulent pay packet.


As if marriage wasn’t already terrifying enough for some people, this film places us amid a Satan-worshipping family, who for fun decide to hunt their son’s new bride on her wedding night. After surviving her own wedding, the bride will have to fight back if she wants to stay alive one more night. Bet you’re already thinking twice about catching the bouquet at the next wedding…


You can always go for the 2006 remake, but I strongly advise you to watch Wes Craven’s original film (1977). Wide-eyed mutant cannibals looking for fresh meat and a family calling for, and getting the worse kind of help, sum up this recipe for disaster. A classic horror film staple not to be missed under any circumstances.


Paco Plaza made this film based on happenings in the Vallecas neighbourhood in Madrid in the 1990s. Verónica is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives in this working-class neighbourhood whose father has just died. Driven by the desire to communicate with him after his death and encouraged by her friend Diana, who has also lost her boyfriend in a motorbike accident, they play an Ouija board, with dramatic results. Afterwards, Veronica begins to experience paranormal events and unexplained marks all over her body.


This marvellous movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez in 1998, deals with alien invasion. Written by Kevin Williamson (screenwriter of Scream and its sequel) it takes us into a small American high school where, again, the gorgeous Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster, and the one who would become the most famous hobbit of all time (Elijah Wood), lead a gang that teams up after discovering that the teachers have been controlled by alien parasites. This gang will lead the fight back against the invaders.


I remember shuddering each time my parents’ landline rang after seeing this film at the cinema. I discovered the wonderful Naomi Watts in this movie and also how disturbing a well can be. As in almost all the horror films that I like, there is a kid that makes your hair stand on end who scrawls messages with ominous portents.


This Brian de Palma adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is an unbearably disturbing portrait of youthful alienation and uncontrolled rage, with one of the most unforgettable endings in the genre. Carrie is a girl with telekinetic powers who, unable to control them, wreaks havoc on the town of Chamberlain. An absolute classic of horror cinema.


It’s clear from this list that the golden age of this genre was from the 70s to the 90s. Cape Fear was released in 1991 and was directed by Martin Scorsese. The cast is heart-stopping: Robert De Niro as the creepy guy and  a supporting cast of Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Juliette Lewis and Gregory Peck in this psychological thriller that keeps the tension building until you’re on the brink of a panic attack.

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